Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our latex beds feature a zipper cover that allows you access to the top layer of latex. This zipper cover allows you to fine tune the comfort level once you have tried the mattress in your home.
There is a $200 upfront deposit to exchange the latex. We will send the latex to your home in an oversized box. Once you ship the original latex back to us in the box the new latex arrived in DreamFoam Bedding will get you a full refund. We also supply the prepaid FedEx Shipping labels so that you can drop the layers off at a FedEx shipping store to ship back for free.
Our latex beds come with the ability to customize the comfort level on our 1-10 comfort scale. Once your order clears through our website you will get an email from us about customizing the comfort level. We can walk you through the customization process if you prefer.
Our bed will work great with a basic wood foundation (looks exactly like a box spring with no springs in it), a platform bed, or a bed with slats (not more than 3-4 inches between the slats). As long as you are putting the mattress on something that will create a solid base for the mattress you should have no issues. We have a box foundation that we offer through the DreamFoam Bedding site. It is a steel foundation that goes on top of your standard metal frame. We also offer a metal foundation that allows you to get rid of both the foundation and frame. This allows you extra storage under your bed.
Once the mattress looks like it has fully taken shape DreamFoam recommends giving the mattress another 5-6 hours and it is ready to sleep on. Many times the mattress is ready to sleep on with 6-7 hours of it being opened up.
Memory foam and latex foam are your two highest quality foams in the mattress industry. What separates them is how the foam reacts to your body when you lay on them. Memory foam is going to allow you to sink down into the mattress creating a custom mold to your body. This is how the memory foam helps reduce or eliminate pressure points. Most people either love the sinking feeling or hate it. There are not a whole lot of people in between. Latex is going to give you the same pressure point relief, but it is going to do it in a different way. Latex is going to contour to your body without giving you the sinking feeling associated with the memory foam. Latex mattresses are going to feel more like a traditional mattress when you first lay on it. Both foams are great foams it is just a personal preference.
In terms of quality of components all of our gel memory foam mattresses will fall into the same category. What separates our models is the softness rating of each model. With memory foam beds the softer the mattress feels the more it will allow you to sink in the mattress. The 13” Gel will be our softest model so it will allow our customers to be in the mattress the most. The 10” Gel is our firmest model so it will keep our customers on top of the mattress more compared to our other models.
Yes, DreamFoam Bedding customer service reps are very knowledgeable about other models on the market. We can compare our models and get each customer set up with the correct mattress?
DreamFoam Bedding features an updated return policy. We now offer a 120 day no hassle free return policy. We simply ask that you contact us at [email protected]. Our customer service team may request some photos of the mattress and foundation supporting it. We will then provide information on donation pickup of the mattress. Our only stipulation to our return policy is that we ask all of our customers to sleep on the mattress for 30 days before starting the return process. The reason why is because there is going to be an adjustment period for your body as you get used to the new support and comfort a new mattress will offer. Once the mattress has been donated we can process the return on your order. will feature a 30 day return policy. Many times Amazon does also offer a free return, but that is something you will want to verify with
DreamFoam Bedding does not have any options for faster shipping. However, many of the items you find on our website are available on with the Amazon Prime option. This allows many products to be available for two-day shipping options through Amazon.
On the DreamFoam Bedding checkout screen there is a comment box. Give us a two-day range that is Monday through Friday and we will adjust our shipping date to match the day you want it to arrive.
DreamFoam Bedding has a machine that will compress our beds at the time of shipping and roll them up for us. This allow DreamFoam to ship the mattresses to each customer’s front door with FedEx Ground. Shipping dimensions: Twin/Twin XL 12x12x42 inch box, Full Size 12x12x57 inch box, Queen Size 19x19x46 inch box, King/Cal King 19x19x50 inch box.
California State Law requires retailers to collect a small amount on every mattress or foundation sold, to support the state's recycling programs. To learn more,visit
Connecticut State Law requires retailers to collect a small amount on every mattress or foundation sold, to support the state's recycling programs. To learn more, visit
Rhode Island State Law requires retailers to collect a small amount on every mattress or foundation sold, to support the state's recycling programs. To learn more, visit