Latex contours the shape of your body, providing superior support and pressure relief not found in inner spring or foam mattresses. Latex is also responsive or resilient (you’ll hear both), which means it quickly springs back into shape after being compressed. This allows you to easily switch positions without interrupting your sleep.

120 Night Trial
10 Year Warranty
Certi-Pur US Certified
OEKO-TEX Certified
Made in the USA


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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Memory foam and latex foam are your two highest quality foams in the mattress industry. What separates them is how the foam reacts to your body when you lay on them. Memory foam is going to allow you to sink down into the mattress creating a custom mold to your body. This is how the memory foam helps reduce or eliminate pressure points. Most people either love the sinking feeling or hate it. There are not a whole lot of people in between. Latex is going to give you the same pressure point relief, but it is going to do it in a different way. Latex is going to contour to your body without giving you the sinking feeling associated with the memory foam. Latex mattresses are going to feel more like a traditional mattress when you first lay on it. Both foams are great foams it is just a personal preference.
DreamFoam Bedding has a machine that will compress our beds at the time of shipping and roll them up for us. This allow DreamFoam to ship the mattresses to each customer’s front door with FedEx Ground.
US (Continental including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada Only.